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"We are busy building Dubai's Largest expat community for women"
- Amanda Dyer

Welcome to 'Dubai Expat Women' - the sister community to its Singapore Expat Women.


When SEW founder and global citizen and influencer Amanda Dyer relocated to Dubai in 2022, it was blatantly obvious that the many expat residents in the city were crying out for a community similar to the one she famously created in Singapore in 2015.


So adopting the same ethos, principles and enthusiasm that helped SEW turn into the most engaging group of its kind on Facebook – Amanda and her team got to work to start building DEW.


Replicating the famous SEW events framework, DEW will start hosting their event series across the city starting in September 2022.


“We already have so much interest from amazing expat women here to join the community and our first event is already oversubscribed by 3x. We have been approached by so many brand partners who are keen to support the events series we have dreamt up and we are busy at work” – Amanda Dyer


If you are reading this, it means you have an interest in joining this community and you are most welcome. Please click on the button below to get started.

If you are a content creator or business and want to discuss collaborations, simply reach out to start a dialogue with us.

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