one roof is the brainchild of Amanda Dyer - founder & passionate admin of SEW. For many years, members of SEW have written in asking about an online store where they can not only sell their products & services but also buy awesome products from other members & entrepreneurs.


one roof will showcase the following products & services:


  • Carefully vetted and selected products & services from our community members

  • Curated products from around the world that resonates with our community members

  • The store will cater for women, men, children & pets


We have embarked on this wonderful journey of building one roof and will continuously rely on your feedback to create this game-changing online shopping experience.

Want to sell your product/service?

If you would like to submit your product or service to be sold on one roof , we would love to hear from you.


Please provide us with the essential information in the form below, but also include the following:


  • Brief description of your product

  • Why do you think it will resonate with this community (and beyond)?

  • Where is it currently being sold? (if online, please provide links)

  • Is there an option to do a special edition/collection especially for one roof ?


We will endeavour to get back to every submission as we finalise our plans during the coming months.

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