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#SupportLocal Campaign | Singapore Expat Women | Amazing Deals!!

Updated: Apr 3, 2020

Hello SEW members!

The current global crisis is impacting all of us in ways that we couldn’t have imagined, and none of us are alone in our worries around the future and what that looks like.

In a period where there are so many things that we simply can’t do, we should never forget what we can do - and that is to support one another and our businesses.

What we are going through will pass. What will come out the other end will be a stronger, more united and super-positive group of really tough people. SEW people!

Below you will see some amazing SEW member businesses with some outstanding offers for our community. Please support them and share this information far and wide in your network.

Hang in there gang - we are going to smash through this!

Stay healthy & be kind to one another.

Amanda Dyer

Founder & Admin



The Purpose Place is a life purpose coaching company to help women just like I was a few years ago, stuck with no meaning or purpose in life. It was born out of my desire to change the lives of women, and business owners, so they feel empowered to take control.  It took me years to find my purpose and meaning; however, with the tools I’ve developed, I have changed the lives of women in a matter of months.   SEW Offer

Life Purpose Coaching - Free 1.5 Hours Coaching Perfect if you are stuck, unhappy and have no purpose or meaning, and need to make changes to your life . Business with Purpose Coaching – Free 1.5 hours Coaching Perfect if your business is going through transformation and you need help navigating the way forward, OR you want a change in career, OR you want to start a company and have ideas.

For more information contact:

Deborah Lowndes +61 416126215


Bakabee is the home of beautiful baking. Need a cake, cupcakes or cookies for a family occasion? Bakabee specializes in any customized bakes to suit any size of your celebrations. No matter how small it is! Dream a theme or ask us to: the only limit is your imagination! Our edible marketing range impresses business partners. Why not promote and treat simultaneously with our Corporate Logo Cookies, Edible Business Card Cookies or QR Coded Cookies? Sweeten the path for customers to find your own business. Bakabee also runs bespoke baking workshops to teach you step-by-step how to bake, frost, decorate your dream cake to impress your beloved one. This month’s specials include: Sea Salt Brownies; Coffee and Almond Cookies; Chocolate Sugar Cookies with Chocolate Chips; and Buttery Sugar Cookies with White Chocolate Chips. Irresistible! April Fool Sale prices…. Brownies: $7.90/small jar; $12.90/big jar Cookies: 25pcs - $19; 50pcs - $35 SEW Offer 10% off for all confirmed orders before 31st May 2020!

  • Find more customized bakes at

  • Place your order at using the promotion code ‘supportlocal10’

  • Follow Bakabee on social media @bakabeecom on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn


Leila & Co. is an inclusive and engaging tribe founded by mompreneur Leila Caceres Ng; the founder of Lemamasita and the only U.S. trained and certified Doulas of North America (DONA) Birth and Postpartum Doula, also qualified as a Lamaze Childbirth Educator. The mother of two found her life's calling after the birth of her first - to change how the local culture feels and thinks about births and parenthood. After having supported hundreds of parents in achieving the birth they envisioned through to the postpartum period, Leila was well-aware of the need for a supportive, loving and inclusive community. This birthed the creation of Leila & Co. 1. Virtual Doula Packages 2. Antenatal/ Postnatal Consultations 3. Childbirth Classes Despite the global pandemic, Leila & Co. wishes to extend an invitation to all the mommies and daddies out there to come together with this local community built upon real connections and experience the joys and woes of all aspects of parenthood as one. Once the storm as passed, Leila & Co. will be an eventful community. Remember, you are not alone in your journey! Website: ( is still under construction) Instagram: @leilaandco_ Email:


Hello SEW!! I am a PT qualified in Pre and Post Natal. I am also studying to become a PAI mat Pilates Instructor. I can help clients achieve their fitness goals, and for those with additional requirements such as injuries I am qualified to design exercise programs to either work around these limitations or work alongside any rehabilitation program which the client maybe following.

For pregnant ladies, we focus on mobility and stability with strength training to help the body adapt and adjust to the changes. For new mums, we focus on the core and gently increase the fitness levels aiming towards full fitness.

It is important that I get to know my clients needs so I can help them enjoy their workouts and, therefore, feel all the benefits that exercise gives. I ensure that all my sessions are different to keep them interesting, always with the client’s goals in mind - Daisy For more information:

Instagram: hummingbird_fitness_8 Facebook: @hummingbirdfitnesssg

"Helping you find your perfect balance"


Whizz Kidz is a leading activities and enrichment provider and works with local and international schools supplying a range of activities. Some examples of these activities include Science, Robotics, Coding, 3D Printing, Sports, Arts and Craft, Cooking, Sewing, Upcycling, Outdoor learning and many others!

With the suspension of after-school activities in schools, Whizz Kidz is providing a home service where we conduct the sessions in the safety of your home.

This can be done as individual sessions or in small-groups (5 or fewer) and is completely customisable. All staff and parents will be required to fill in declarations as a precautionary measure.

SEW Offer Enjoy a 15% discount for the 2nd child onwards. For more information:


I am a tarot reader having 7 years of experience in tarot reading. Having come from psychology background I have the zeal to assist people to live more conscientious lives with tarot as the guide.

There are several different readings to choose from:

1. Relationship reading - having relationship concerns with your partner or friend 2. 1 year detailed reading - Detailed predictions for the whole year. 3. 6 months detailed reading - Detailed led predictions for 6 months 4. Question based reading - having specific concerns.

SEW Offer

Offer for the community - I will be offering 1 free question reading for the first 40 customers.

For more information, let's connect of social: Facebook Instagram Dharini Parekh - +65 92382286


Let’s celebrate you! The Pin-up Rebels is a boudoir/ woman’s beauty photography studio on a mission to provide an empowering photography experience to EVERY woman in Singapore. We are a safe, non-judgemental and fun environment for ALL woman from all walks of life. Time to fall in love with you! SEW Offer Offer: 30% off all products. Just quote “TPRcovid” in the contact form. For more information:

Mary Violet- +65 9171 1913


NLP Coaching & Therapy >> My name is Charmaine Pandya and I am an ABNLP Certified NLP Trainer, Master Practitioner & Hypnotherapist. I feel passionate and privileged to work with clients using NLPs life changing techniques that work on the unconscious mind and give deeper, quicker and long lasting results. I offer one-to-one coaching and therapy to help individuals reach their desired outcomes. I have helped hundreds of my clients to: - Overcome Anxiety - Overcome interFEARances and blocks - Change behaviours and habits like - procrastination, indecisiveness, lack of confidence. - Change limiting beliefs such as - ‘I’m not good enough’

- Deal with trauma, pain or dysfunction. I am fortunate to have worked with clients in Singapore, Indonesia, Australia, India, UK, Europe and the US; from business leaders and executives, health professionals, parents and youth who have benefitted tremendously from NLP Coaching. If this is what you are seeking, do get in touch.

SEW Offer

For SEW members $100 off the first session when booking is made in the month of April.

Usual investment is $300 for a 90minute session.

For more information:


Inspired by Vero ‘s journey around the world each line shares its own story from the location it was been inspired by . Each design is hand- crafted with semi-precious stones by a family of artisans that Vero met 12 years ago when she moved to India . The workshop is located in the royal city of Jaipur, Rajasthan , renowned for its stones and craftsmanship The brand has been acclaimed for its unique designs and affordable prices , allowing customers to become regulars. Based in Singapore , it is curated in exclusive boutiques on the island as well as in Bali, Phuket, Hong Kong and online The new line « Andalucía » symbolising unity of religion, love and purity is just launched. For this collection, Vero sourced inspiration from her last summer road trip in the southernmost part of Europe, the gate to Morocco and Africa , the Andalucían province in Spain , a part of the world she has been visiting since childhood. The mix of cultures and religions, the architecture , the iconic items such as the Chili , the horn and the heart , the ethereal crisp white pearls are the soul of this collection . SEW Offer There is an automatic 30% discount at time of check out on the web For more information:

Bohemesg for social media

Vero M. +65 9776 7094


The Happy Language Company >> Founded in 2018, HAHA Chinese is a Singapore based Mandarin Chinese language school, providing authentic language learning experiences for adults and children non-native speakers. We have worked with professionals from more than 10 countries across 4 continents providing them conversation, beginners to advanced and even business Mandarin Chinese. We also have more than 4 years of online teaching experience, delivering individual or group classes via the internet. SEW Offer $15 per 60 minutes - Beginner & Intermediate (Offline U.P. $60)

Wendy Kek Founder & Creative Director HAHA Chinese, a brand of The Happy Language Company Pte Ltd. E M +65 90266620 W A 228A River Valley Road Singapore 238286


Purple is the colour of anthocyanins, the natural plant pigments that impart purple, blue and red colours in fruits, grains and vegetables. It is a phytonutrient with powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Purple Superfoods is your online specialist in antioxidant-rich superfoods and supplements. SEW Offer $5 off first purchase, no min spend required. Coupon code: Welcome5 For more information:

Ask us about these amazing products:

1. Bilberry Blackcurrant antioxidant Medox® (24% anthocyanins)


Lil Wonder Trails is a multi faceted enterprise that seeks to become a partner in a child's journey of play, discovery and learning; by providing sustainably sourced educational toys games and learning aids for children.Our collection is an amalgamation of toys created under our own brand as well as via co-branding with other toy companies equally passionate about providing toys that would develop crucial skills amongst our lil ones! SEW Offer

25% off retail price till 31st May on products available on our website

Please whatsapp/text at 93542842 or DM @lilwondertrails on instagram to avail the special offer!


LUXE Botanics is an award winning natural skincare range formulated with the planet’s most transformative botanicals. Powered by the outer reaches of green chemistry, we look after the earth by using only organic, wild-harvested, natural and naturally derived ingredients. All our formulations are vegan, cruelty free, ethically derived and sustainably sourced. With a background in bio and nanotechnology, combined with ten years of working on dermatology clinical trials, our Founder and nature lover, Jené Roestorf, has travelled the globe in search of the earth’s most potent botanicals: Marula nut, Camu Camu berry, and Kigelia africana to create three hyper targeted solutions for the skin. Working with local harvesters in Malawi, the Amazon and the Maasai Women in Kenya, we impart biodiversity skills to protect their natural habitat, and, living by a philosophy of 1 for 1, for every LUXE Botanics product sold we partner with Buy1Give1, directly empowering impoverished communities. During this global health crisis, we will be providing essential healthcare and life-saving medical equipment to communities in Africa. SEW Offer

15% off sitewide, Free Shipping + Travel Size Mini with orders over $100 USD

For more information:

Rachel Chan Chief of Relationships +65 9618 5320

We need your help! Support local and become a beauty activist. You have the power to change the world.


Fesdesigns is a ladies Fashion/Accessories and Home Decor business, designing and making bespoke and limited edition pieces. Our 'Afropean' brand showcases a combination of western fashion with a touch of African print to create unique and stylish looks. Most our dresses are tailor made and our accessories are handmade. We only do limited edition and bespoke pieces. Our clothing range includes ready-to-wear, comfy, smart/casual, party and office wear. Our new boutique is at 44a Haji Lane, Singapore.

SEW Offer 15% off on selected non sale clothing items and beaded jewellery (above $60).

For more information W: Instagram: Facebook: www.facebook/fesdesigns


Reset, Reshape, Revitalize To lose weight, you have to get healthy first. Sounds paradoxical? Many look for the fastest and easiest way to lose weight, some spending thousands on machine treatments, etc while others go on aggressive diets. Unfortunately, time and again, many will bounce back, often ending up heavier than before they got started! Health Coach International takes an integrative approach to health and wellness. We understand the importance of getting you healthy first – to reset your cells and body functions to optimal level before you reshape your body. Only then, can you keep the unwanted fats away, and stay healthy for life! In this 12-week program, you will be guided and coached by a highly competent team of health professionals on how to lose weight healthily based on your own culture and lifestyle.

SEW Offer Results are guaranteed. Normal fee is $1980 for the program but now during this period we will offer it to SEW members at only $980. For those working in a company, government funding is available. Terms and conditions apply. Website:

To take advantage of this offer, please contact Jessica See directly at:

Jessica See WHP Consultant, Clinical Nutritionist, Certified Stress Consultant, Certified Professional Trainer & Coach, IPMA UK, Certified NeuroSemantics Practitioner, ISNS, Certified NLP Practitioner Health Coach Pte Ltd Tel: +65- 9336 0076 Website:


CCI has been supplying professional quality knives and tools to Professional Chefs, the Food Service industry and Culinary Schools throughout North America for more than 60 years! Now in Singapore, we bring the highest quality European made culinary & baking tools to at home cooks, culinary students and seasoned chefs across Asia Pacific. What to do with with more time inside?

You can teach the kids how to cook their favourite dishes, try a new recipe or learn to bake! Or maybe you're feed up with your crummy IKEA knife? Get a chef's knife that will last a lifetime. Other great options are environmentally friendly, re-usable pastry bags for cake decorating. Or a knife set as a lovely wedding present or house-warming gift!

SEW Offer SEW members can use the discount code SEW2020 for 20% off any items in our online store. Using this link:


Cosmic Gemstones traces its roots to the early 50's. This is just after partition when India's horizons looked very bright and promising. The grandfather who was also a science student was very fascinated with the gold and jewellery industry. He set out looking for mines within India and soon set up a large gold mass manufacturing outlet. With this began the journey in the jewellery industry. So many years later, the third generation, ME, is still traveling the world in search for the best diamonds, coloured gemstones and pure gold Mother Nature has to offer. What's different now? The way we source our loot. We try very hard to keep it ethical and clear of child labour or exploitation trade. We buy directly from mines and also eliminate the very high margins. Our specialty is that we create bespoke pieces based on your taste and design. Impeccable craftsmanship, best coloured gemstones you can find and very competitive prices. You think it, we'll make it. SEW Offer OFFER: 10% off your total bill if you mention SEW- #supportlocal For more information:



Commune Kitchen - ‘Cooking for one & all…’

When I dreamt of opening my own cookery school I wanted it to be a space for all kinds of people to meet, learn and connect over a shared passion, food. Commune Kitchen is open and accessible to all, young or old, experienced or kitchen shy, helpers and extended family. I want to share my love and skills to everyone. There’s nothing quite like learning whilst doing.

Purchase yourself or a loved one a class today, or why not buy vouchers as a very special gift!

SEW Offer 10% discount on all upcoming cooking classes. Type the code “SEWfriends” during check out. Let's get social: Facebook Instagram LinkedIn Tags are @communekitchensg for both FB and IG

For more information:

Payal Thakurani - Culinary Director and Private Chef T: +65 8821 4805


We have launched a 21 Day Growth Mindset Program for Kids to support parents during the lockdown/stay at home/quarantine time. It is our duty to distract our kids from this crisis and channelize their anxiety for the greater good #TogetherWeCan This program is for parents who wish to raise a happy, curious and empathetic child with a growth mind-set. Ideal for parents with kids between the age of 7-12 yrs. Parents focus a lot on academics or skill development. Since we’ve all got some time at hand to introspect, it is important to shift gears and focus on mindset development of our kids. Audios & worksheets will be provided on a daily basis. Whatsapp group is created to receive the prompts and instructions, everyday! Batch 1 Whatsapp group -

For more information:


Relogo is a one-stop relocation platform empowering individuals to make self-managed moves. We connect you with trusted vendors helping you make informed decisions the entire way. Whether you’re searching for movers to get you to your new city, or looking for a place to stay, we’ll save you time and money by sourcing for vendors that fit your specific situation.

If you require more assistance, our professional concierge team can handle all the endless details involved in relocating. Let us do the research, sourcing, and stressing so you can focus on what’s important to you!

SEW Offer Engage Relogo for Short-term home search or moving services and we will throw in a TOUGH TIMES WELCOME PACKAGE! Promo website:

For more information: Clowie Tan - Co-founder M. +65 8133 7811 E. W.


In these uncertain times, let me help you to self-reflect, reevaluate your goals and reset. I am a professional coach with a background in teaching and counselling. A mother of four who has lived in Asia for 15 years, I am familiar with the realities of living far from home. I provide an empathetic and trustworthy ear, aiming to help you to realise and fulfil your true potential, whether in your personal or professional life. Life - especially now - can be challenging. I can help you to work through these challenges through face-to-face or bespoke online sessions.

SEW Offer I’d like to offer a 30-minute free introductory consultation for the month of April. Don’t be shy, why not give it a try! Whether you laugh or whether you cry! Let’s have a chat over a cup of chai (…or a latte!). Let me help you to aim high!

For more information: Kate Holt, Circle Coaching +65 8448 5439


Interior Design Journey is a multi award-winning company dedicated to improving your well-being with the art of interior decoration and styling. We believe an organised, well thought out and stylish space is not only visually appealing but will also enrich you by inspiring your mood, positivity, drive and happiness. We provide our expat clientele in Singapore with beautifully crafted spaces that are individually tailored and allow them to fully relax at the end of an exhausting day. We will achieve this for you by capturing your personality and combining it with elegance and practicality to create your perfect sanctuary. Priya, as an expat herself, understands the different stages of her clienteles’ move to and within Singapore. She has experienced renting an empty apartment with limited or no furniture; moving to a new space and needing to re-style; and purchasing and re-designing her own home.

SEW Offer Competition: Send a picture of your room that needs help & we will chose 2 lucky winners to receive a 30min online decorating consultation via a video call for the month of April. To enter, please send an email with your pic to

For more information:






For more information:

Gayathri Menon

T: +65 91081014

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