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SEW Member Spotlight | Riri Florance

Updated: Feb 10, 2021

Three words to describe 2020?

1. unpredictable

2. transformation (way of life)

3. awareness

Key things learnt?

I am a fashion designer and I had just launched my new brand @Ririfloranceofficial in November 2019 - with lots of plans for 2020. Fashion shows, pop-up shops and my regular Open House at home were already booked and planned however....well we all know the story.

2020 had several positives for me. I was able to spend more quality time with my husband and children at home. We are lucky enough to have a pool at home and hardly left the house for the two months of lock down. The clear skies, beautiful weather and lack of construction noise was refreshing. It was an opportunity to finally get around to the long planned house decluttering and do some much needed house maintenance. It was an opportunity to eat healthy home cooked meals (though the occasionally gin and tonic undid some of the good!) I introduced the kids to cooking and they really enjoyed it, especially my son. We had a renewed enthusiasm for health - through food and exercise. Less travel helped this cause!

Of course, the downsides, at least for me, besides not being able work as much, was being away from families and friends overseas and not able to travel for work and see them.

Am I a New year resolution type?

Yes. I’m a type of person who always tries to think positive and make the best out of situations. I don’t like to complain but rather deal with a situation. For 2021 my plan is to focus on exercise with a personal trainer, more yoga and healthy eating. I want to design new collections, spend more time with my children and husband, do some cooking classes as I love cooking, do more walking or cycling around singapore with families and friends.

Mindset for people in 2021?

We all need to look after each other, and be positive. I think it is important to support friends and families who are having a difficult time. Take care of your health and focus on something you can do now - not hoping for things we cannot have or do at the moment.

Message for SEW member for 2021

I think we have to have hope for 2021. I learnt a lot about my self in 2020 and I look forward to being better in 2021. We are much stronger from our experiences in 2020 and hopefully that makes us all ready for what is coming this year.

We need to leave 2020 behind us, approach 2021 with renewed enthusiasm and look for all the opportunities for us out there!
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