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SEW Member Spotlight | Libby Cattalini

Updated: Aug 29, 2021

1.Three words to describe 2020




2. What are some of the key things you learnt (positive and negative) from 2020?

Wow, lots of lessons learnt in 2020. Slowing down and being present in a space with your family can be challenging but also rewarding. The art of patience! ;) I'm still working on that. One of the greatest lessons for me in 2020 was to let go of "what's next", to be present and to accept that I have little control of the world around me, but full control of how I react to it. 3. Are you a New Years resolution type of person? What have you set for 2021? My intentions for 2021 are to to guide more people to reconnect with their inner voice and nature. My business, Spirit Connect, has collaborated with Wildlings (Dempsey) to provide weekly outdoor nature sound meditations in the evenings for adults, along with cacao ceremonies and full moon rituals each month. 4. What type of mindset do you think is required for people to have in 2021? Why? Supporting those outside of our immediate circle. We've made it through 2020 now what about those who haven't done so well? How can we share our resources and ideas with the wider community?

Collaborations are important in both personal and business in moving forward. I think people will go back to streamlining their speciality skill sets, similar to a village type environment.

5.What is your message for the SEW community about 2021? I believe that more people who can connect to their inner voice through a spiritual practice will have access to the tools available within to assist in being more in the present moment. This will build more resilience, patience and compassion to move through 2021 with awareness and wisdom.

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