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Make a choice - Are you an Entrepreneur or a Wantrepreneur? | Singapore Expat Women

Updated: Feb 8, 2020

Nowadays everyone wants to be called an entrepreneur and have the praise that comes with it- the only problem is many of these people are actually wantrepreneurs who don’t do much except talk about their huge ambitions. Entrepreneurs and wantrepreneurs are separated by so many things but what really shows where they differ are how far they go and how much they achieve. It’s important to adopt the mind-set of an entrepreneur; that’s how those huge ambitions become even greater results.

Wantrepreneur: “It’s all about me”
Entrepreneur: “It’s all about the team”

A true entrepreneur understands the importance of building a strong team, and letting the strengths of each person contribute to the greatness of the business. A wantrepreneur wants the glory and the feeling of importance so they focus on what they can do and how they are the only one with the ideas and the capabilities to make the company thrive.

Change your mind-set by remembering that the world’s greatest companies have been built by a team. Sure, Steve Jobs had amazing ideas but these ideas wouldn’t have gone far if he hadn’t banded together with talented people who made his vision their vision.

Wantrepreneurs do all the talking, Entrepreneurs do all the work

Some people spend all their time talking about how big their dreams are and how amazing their business is going to be. A real entrepreneur knows that talk is cheap, so they work hard and let their success do all the talking. When you spend plenty of time talking it takes away from the time you could be perfecting your plan. You can make all the lofty plans you want to impress people, but the true proof is in the pudding- which in this case is success. People take notice of results and hard work and not empty words.

Wantrepreneurs Fail and Entrepreneurs Learn

Successful people are not exempt from failure; they experience it and allow it to catapult them to greater things. A wantrepreneur expects everything to come easily so when it doesn’t they become afraid and quit. An entrepreneur takes lessons from every mistake they make and they apply each lesson into improving and evolving. That’s what sets them apart from the rest – their ability to bounce back from the worst falls and reinvent themselves. A wantrepreneur has to change how they think to understand that failure is a possibility but it’s actually an important part of the path.

Wantrepreneurs Compare and Compete, Entrepreneurs Stay in their Lane

If your aspirations come from a place of wanting to show off to others, or beat people you’re jealous of you’re not an entrepreneur. An entrepreneur understands that time spend focusing on what others do and worrying about how they can beat them is time taken away from focusing on being the very best version of you. It’s important to stay in your own lane and put effort into developing what makes you and your point of view unique. When you do your very best people notice and celebrate you – not a wannabe of somebody else.

Wantrepreneurs limit themselves and entrepreneurs exist outside of the box

Every person who has ever tried to get an idea off the ground knows how many times they have had to hear things like “that will never work”. Entrepreneurs refuse to accept the no and keep pushing until they make it happen; a wantrepreneur limits their goals and aspirations to things they have seen others do and things they feel will definitely make them some money.

Thinking out of the box is definitely riskier but for a motivated person, the risk is well worth the reward. If you create a narrow confine of what you think success looks like, innovation goes completely out of the window and the truth is entrepreneurs are always innovative.

Wantrepreneurs want it, Entrepreneurs Go and Get It

The most obvious difference between an entrepreneur and a wantrepreneur is action. A wantrepreneur spends time hoping, wishing and dreaming without doing anything to turn these wishes into actual achievements. A wantrepreneur will spend years saying they want to get that business off the ground but they make excuse after excuse while an entrepreneur will have their dream and start taking steps towards it. If you want to be an entrepreneur you have to remember that it takes hard work, persistence and patience- not having dreams that just live in your own head.

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