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How To Win Customers With Your Blog - A Step-by-Step Guide

You have taken the first step in deciding that you want to start a blog. Congratulations!

That’s the easy part - sustaining the blog and growing it so it appeals to your demographic is however a slightly more challenging proposition.

Don’t fear.. we will help you with some pearls of wisdom.

How to decide on topics 

One of the most difficult parts of creating a new blog, is to decide on the "right" topic. If you happen to choose the wrong topic, it might take months before you realise it, which means that you could have lost the engagement with your demographic and hence monetisation opportunities too.

Common mistakes in a topic choice could be

To choose something only because other bloggers make money out of it. To choose a topic which personally interests you but not too many others. To choose an area in which you have little experience and not the necessary knowledge.The blog should be focused, rather than including too much information on too many things.

Good advice could be to simply write down for example your passions, skills or education. Try to find topics in these areas then. It might be better to focus on a topic that interests you, rather than only focusing on the money-making aspirations. Readers are attract to a particular "voice" of a blog. If you are passionate and write with gusto and distinction on a particular topic - the readers will come.

The structure of the pieces

For a successful blog, one first needs to create a ‘powerful’ title. Including an active verb, as well as a few keywords, could create interest readers to read on, as well as make it more ‘Google-friendly’.Make a list of bullet points. Use them then as the core of your structure, or simply change them into sub-heads. To take readers on a journey (through a story), you must create a pathway, or map. This type of thinking needs to be mapped out.When finished with creating sub-heads, start filling in the details. Be careful to stay focused in your writing. It will certainly help to include some kind of image, for example a photo (pictures speak louder than words, as they say). Remember to give credit to the photographer, if found online.Go back and make sure that the content of the blog still corresponds with the title.Adjust in case it is necessary.Proofread and revise where necessary before finalising it.

Messaging is key

The success of your blog depends on if you are actively involved.Check for comments often, in order to be able to respond as quickly as possible. When people see that the blog is active and monitored regularly, it will also increase traffic by encouraging more comments, dialogues and feedback. Engagement is key - readers like to know that they can relate to a human on the other end of the computer.

Be consistent in your blogging. Do not write a lot at one time, and then disappear for a longer time.

Readers should be able to more or less expect when something new will beKeep up to date with news, in case something regarding your topic should be posted. Stay relevant & politically correct.

Engagement tricks and "Call-to-Actions"

Only posting content on the, web, does not necessarily engage readers. The purpose of a blog is to catch people’s attention and encourage them to be engaged. There are a few tricks to help encourage or boost the social aspect of your blog.

The first thing that is important, is of course the title – like mentioned before. It needs to be catchy, by for example including intrigue, suggesting something impossible, or even sparking controversy. [TIP] Anything with "Top 10 XYZ" seem to work very well too!You could also include quotes, or simply refer to facts.Interaction is important as well – it is social media after all. Remember to thank or respond to the necessary people. The goal of a blog is to interact and also build relationships and loyalty with people who have made the effort to visit your blog.

How to convert window shoppers into customers

Taking into consideration a few factors, could convert a window shopper into a customer:

Be responsive by answering any questions on your blog as soon as possible.Since they might not necessarily buy something the first time, invite them to sign up for newsletters, or offer them discounts, etc.Always post reviews or even videos that are honest. Readers appreciate honesty.Offer a trial, or offer a money-back guarantee.Keep your blog fresh by posting regularly.Limit discount offers to a shorter time. If it is valid for too long, people will not appreciate it anymore.

Now off you go and start creating magic!

The rest will follow.

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