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How To Outsource The Clutter So You Can Focus On Your Million Dollar Idea

The admin of a self-run business can prove to be so overwhelming that it stops you from doing the parts of the business you are really good at.

Add to this the fact that you won’t always have the time to do this because you need time to tend to your kids and family. What is an entrepreneur to do in this situation? Someone might say that you need to hire a personal assistant, but the real secret to dealing with the clutter of running a business is outsourcing, which saves you a whole lot of money while you still get the quality service you want. Thanks to the availability of good internet services, there are freelancers across the world just waiting for you to approach them. Why not save yourself the stress and start outsourcing?

You Need to Outsource if:

You want a service done but you don’t have the expertiseYou have tasks that take up too much off your time making it impossible for you to focus on other elements of your businessYou need a big business task done by someone who’s not only capable but also affordable and timely

What to Outsource

Accounting and bookkeepingMarketing and social media managementGraphic and web designOnline researchBlogging and CopywritingWebsite Maintenance

Where to Find Freelancers

Fiverr: an online marketplace for outsourcing where clients can pay $5 for a service like graphic design, marketing or bloggingElanceFreelancerODeskPeopleperHour: a platform where potential employers can post jobs and potential employees bid. The employer then chooses the freelancer that gave the best pitch.

Picking the Right Person

Working online means you never get to meet your employees face to face, which often makes it harder for people to trust the people they find. Luckily, platforms like Elance and Fiverr have ways to help you make the right decision.

Check the rating that the person has received from previous clients. This will give you an idea of how responsive, fast and professional they are.Have a look at their portfolio to see if their work lines up with your own vision.

On sites like Elance you can ask for bidders to do a short task to see if they can produce what you want.Taking a chance on a new freelancer who has no reviews or track record will be a higher risk but remember that you might find someone who is talented and eager to work.

Make it Easier

There’s often something scary about putting your work in someone else’s hands. It’s therefore important to hire someone who understands how important your vision is. There are also ways to manage your worry

Communicate with the freelancer to get an idea of how they are doing. This can be done through instant messaging, Skype, email or through the website the platform you’re using. Avoid contacting your employer too much as this might disturb them.Ask for an update at the end of everyday so that you’re always on the loop (setting milestones is key!)Have trust in the person you’re working with, remember you chose them for a reason.Use the free time you now have wisely-do the things the clutter was stopping you from doing and do them with passion. Instead of worrying about your freelancer, put your focus into getting as much as you can done on your side. remember why you became an entrepreneur and focus on your million dollar idea!

The quality of your life as an entrepreneur is highly important because it ultimately relates back to the quality of life of your family. If you’re constantly stressed out by the admin in your business to the point that you cannot spend time with your family or actually do the parts of the business you enjoy, consider outsourcing and finding a freelancer because it will give you peace of mind and bring a lot more balance to the juggling act that life can be. Remember that there are thousands of trustworthy, reliable and talented people who would be happy to get involved in your business and improve it. If you find the right people you can work with on a long term basis you won’t even have to search a second time. Having someone you can email for some help on your blog or assistance with your books will come in handy for moments you’re either too busy or moments you really need some rest and family time. Outsourcing has also proven itself to be affordable, and saving money is extremely important for all entrepreneurs.

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