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A Treat For Busy Mums - Float Yourself To A Healthier Lifestyle

Updated: May 20, 2019

When the beautiful sports psychologist Dr. Jay-Lee Nair reached out to me asking me to float, I figure I should probably pay attention. An expert in her field, Dr. Nair knows a thing or two about helping both the mind and body take it down a few notches. Her practice Mental Notes Consulting based in Novena Medical Centre partners with a business I now swear by – Float House Singapore.

“No way, I’m way too claustrophobic to get in there”

Float House Singapore offers sensory deprivation float tank therapy in a custom made pod that helps you escape from the real world a little. To press the PAUSE button and let the mind slow down. Now for those of you who are thinking “No way, I’m way too claustrophobic to get in there” – my husband and I thought the same and were more than pleasantly surprised. You see the trick is to close your eyes, empty your mind and let your body float in 11 inches of water at skin surface temperature filled with 600kg of magnesium sulphate salt. Genius - I know!

Prior to my zero gravity experience, I must admit that I was suffering from the following issues:

• Migraines: Nothing new as I have suffered severe migraines for years • Muscle aches from exercise • General fatigue as I was trying to shake off this dreaded flu for a few weeks now • Unsettled mind: This is normal is you are a busy mompreneur like I am

Sounds familiar? Well, it should be because most of us can relate to the above problems.

After an hour of floating however, I walked out light as feather and found myself in a completely different mood. It was like I just had a triple espresso shot and was full of energy. Head was light, muscle aches gone and I was walking around with a brand new hop in my step – life was good!

Float House Singapore have listed the following benefits of floating on their website:

Gravity Reduction takes the stress of joints and our body while improving blood circulation. With our body fully supported, this facilitates bodily processes such as recovery and detoxification.

Magnesium Sulfate has numerous benefits for health and well-being as it is critical component in our makeup, being necessary for myriad bodily functions ranging from metabolism to cell synthesis.

Benefits include:

Relief for pain/inflammation: helps relieve stress, muscles aches, headache/migraine, joint painImproves skin condition: relief for acne, eczema and rashes; reduce wrinkles by promoting skin hydrationDetoxification and recovery; improves blood circulation, draws out lactic acid to relieve fatigueSensory deprivation allows the mind to rest better, shutting out the stress and stimulus that wears us down over the course of a day. Quality rest in a floatation pod is the best remedy for insomnia, jetlag.

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Address 10 Sinaran Drive #10-21 Novena Medical Centre Singapore 307506

Tel: +65 6397 6865


Opening Hours

Monday to Saturday

10:30am - 9.00pm

(By appointment)

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