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Birthday Party Ideas For Your 5 Yr Old That Won't Disappoint

Let's face it, we have all been there. As the birthday of the little creeps up, a slight panic sets in as we start thinking about what type of party we should be organising for our precious ones.

Below, we have come up with some clever (and simple to execute) ideas for both little boys and girls.

Boy's Birthday Party Themes
  1. Superhero Party: Dress up as superheroes, make superhero masks and capes, and have a "save the day" scavenger hunt

  2. Construction Party: Have a "building" station with blocks and other building materials, and have a mini "construction site" setup

  3. Space Party: Have a "rocket launch" countdown and make a homemade rocket, Do some simple astronomy and make a planet mobile.

  4. Dinosaur Party: Have a dinosaur scavenger hunt and make dinosaur crafts such as handprint dinosaurs or paper-mache dinosaurs.

  5. Pirate Party: Dress up as pirates, make pirate eye patches, and have a treasure hunt for treasure (chocolate coins or other small prizes)

Girl's Birthday Party Themes
  1. Princess Party: Have a tea party, make tiaras, and have a "royal" parade or fashion show.

  2. Fairy Party: Make fairy wands and fairy gardens, and have a "fairy hunt" in the backyard.

  3. Mermaid Party: Have a "beach" day with beach balls and inflatable pools, and make mermaid tails.

  4. Unicorn Party: Have a "unicorn hunt" and make unicorn horns, and have a "rainbow" scavenger hunt.

  5. Cooking Party: Have a "bake-off" competition and make your own pizzas or cupcakes.

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