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5 Ways To Create The Ultimate Home Office

Although many people might think that a huge spare room is necessary to set up a home office, it is not true. Often one can use a small corner somewhere in the house and create a nice ‘workable’ space. Important though, is to be able to separate one’s business and home life.

"What is good Feng Shui for entrepreneurs?"

Firstly, one’s home office should be as far away as possible from one’s bedroom. If possible, a separate entrance to one’s home office would be ideal.

Include for example feng shui colours, memorabilia that might be meaningful to one, or any items that might create a positive atmosphere in making one feel appreciated, successful or happy. Since it is a home office, one is free to decorate it in a way one likes. Try to create a home office which reflects the kind of energy one wants to project into everyday life and the world in general.

"The quality of air and the quality of light is very important."

Even if one loves one’s job very much, without enough fresh air and natural light, any home office will be a failure.

One should place one’s desk in a ‘feng shui demanding position’. This includes for example not to have one’s back to the door, and not to face a wall. Three more areas that should preferably be fulfilled, is the following:

South area (represents ‘Fame and Reputation’): The feng shui energy here is fire. Avoid representations of water, blue colours, etc.

North area (represents ‘Career’ or ‘Path in Life’): The feng shui energy here is water. One can therefore represent as much images and colours of water, as one wants.

Southeast area (represents ‘Prosperity and Abundance’): Include here images that reminds you of money. The feng shui element here is wood, therefore avoid images or representations of fire.

Must-haves to keep one motivated

While being able to work from home is definitely a blessing, aspects such as time management and staying focused could be more complicated.

A vision board is an example of something that would help one to stay motivated and inspire one when things get monotonous. Pin on the vision board photos of people or things that motivate one, or pin quotes about staying positive on the board. One should place or hang the board where one will be able to look at it or see it all the time. Use it also to pin on lists for appointments, etc. helping one to stay organised and motivated when seeing the deadlines of one’s projects on the vision board.

Must-haves to keep you comfortable

Firstly, one’s chair should be comfortable. Even when one loves one’s job a lot, when not comfortable sitting down behind one’s desk, one will always somehow be frustrated or irritated. Therefore, invest in a good office chair. Take care that the lighting is enough and could be adjusted like necessary, regarding for example height, or brightness, etc.

It is proven that visually stimulating areas help with creativity. Therefore keep this in mind, when decorating your home office with for example paintings or other items. Important though, is that it should not end up being ‘too busy’ and full, since this could again distract one from one’s work. The temperature should also ideally be possible to adjust.

Kid-friendly home office

Make sure the computer’s cables and all other wires are under control. Playing and tripping over electrical cables are not safe for children at all. Organise everything behind the desk, away from everything else. Bookmark the kid-friendly search engines, should one’s children like to play on one’s computer. Block the bad internet sites from the computer. Therefore one can be sure that one’s children will not have to look at advertisements for pornography, etc.

Effective storing and organising of papers

A shop like IKEA has a huge variety of reasonably priced organising methods for one’s papers, as well as all necessary items. These include for example separate folders for everything that could be stacked on top of each other to save space. Also invest in a bookshelf against the wall, to prevent papers lying on the floor or all over the table. And of course a desk with drawers to keep one’s writing ‘equipment’, spare printing paper, etc.

Since more and more people start to work from home, creating a home office therefore could be a lot of fun, since there are many possibilities on the market these days.

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