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I am a chef, cooking instructor and author, and run a cooking school called Commune Kitchen in Downtown Singapore. Mother of two teenagers, I have spent most of life in Hong Kong and Shanghai. I ran a food business and cooking school in Shanghai, and decided to move operations to Singapore in 2017. Besides cooking, I enjoy swimming, walking, nature, yoga, theatre, movies, food and hanging out with like-minded individuals. I lead a very simple lifestyle, love my shorts and t-shirts, and wish I could wear them to work ;)

My background is in both education and cooking, and I am very passionate about my business. At Commune kitchen, we believe that cooking is a skill everyone must possess. It should not be restricted to just the lady of the house. If you instill it in your children at a young age it will stay with them forever. We constantly encourage our clients to bring their children to our cookery classes or make them part of their kitchen at home. We also often host weekend classes so husbands and dads can get involved too. Cooking brings joy and we want our clients to be able to experience that joy. For more information about upcoming classes, visit us on

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Payal Thakurani

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